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Paragon is a MOBA, or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena from Epic Games, in which two teams of five players are pitted against each other in a contest of strategy and action. The players on each team start at opposite ends of the world and must fight their way to the other side to destroy their opponents’ Core.

Paragon is currently in Open Beta, available on PC and PS4. PC players can sign up to play Paragon here and PS4 players can download the game for free from the Playstation Store. Playstation Plus is not required to play Paragon.

Paragon can be played cross-platform between the PS4 and PC, and owning the game on one platform allows you to play on the other when you link your PlayStation and Epic accounts. Furthermore, your progress is also saved cross-platform, so any progress you make playing on PS4, for example, will be reflected on your account if you switch to PC. It is important to note that Coins, the game's premium currency, will not transfer between PC and PS4, but any cosmetic items you purchase will be available regardless of the system you are playing from.

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Heroes are the character that the player takes to the battlefield of Agora. Each hero has their own unique stats, abilities, and aptitude for different roles.


Cards are a mechanic in Paragon which allow users to upgrade their heroes in-game. Players choose a deck to bring into a match and then purchase these cards for use in-game with Amber.You may purchase cards through your Card Power.There are 6 slots for cards and many are universal, some are unique to specific affinities.

Early Access

Paragon is in Open Beta. Anyone can play the game for free by registering an account and downloading the game from either the PlayStation store for PS4, or online at for PC.

Paragon is still constantly improving; but since it's still in beta, you may experience some game imbalances, bugs, placeholder art, and temporary features. Some features may be added or removed to the game before it goes live, depending on community feedback and data analysis.


Agora is the primary (and currently only) map for the game. It follows the traditional mirrored MOBA map layout, with 3 lanes leading down the map to each team's core. Each lane has 2 towers and an inhibitor for each side. There is also a Jungle that sits between the three lanes. The aim of the game is to destroy the opponents core.

Getting Started

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The Glossary

If you find yourself unfamiliar with MOBA's or with specific terms to Paragon, head over to the Glossary!